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Help & Service

Setting up temporary fencing

Temporary construction fence setup is a simple process, which can easily be accomplished by one person. Only a rachet or pliers are needed to complete the installation with these four simple steps.

1. Setup the base plates approximates 7.5 feet apart.
2. Slide the panels onto the bases.
3. Secure the tops of the fence panels with the panel clamp.
4. Install optional "No-Climb" extension panels to the top using the connectors.

Quality Control

We aim to provide a high level of products quality and reliability for our customers and to become a worldwide company specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of engineering and industrial wire mesh products.

Top Wire Mesh Fence Factory is a custom service focused manufacturer of wire mesh and wire related products. Reliable quality, rapid delivery time and technical support are all important parts of our service for the world purchasers and importers.

Our mission is to:
Provide innovative and technologically advanced industrial wire mesh products in response to customer needs.
Deliver excellent customer service and support
Sustain a high level of product quality
Maintain an open working environment with high development opportunities for employees

Create a progressive and profitable management system which meets the expectations of the company and the customers.