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  Wire mesh fence Category

wire mesh fence Category
wire mesh fence is also known as the protective net, due to regional differences, Southerners used to say - Fence, northerners used to call - wire mesh fence.
China wire mesh fence is mainly divided into: Highway wire mesh fence, wire mesh fence rail, bridges, fencing wire mesh, wire mesh fenceHighway, sports fence, airport fence, etc. (use a wide range).
By type is further divided into: the framework of fencing wire mesh, wire mesh fencetriangular bending, bilateral wire fencing wire mesh, wire mesh fencedouble loop, wave-shaped fencing wire mesh,
Blade gill nets - fencing wire mesh, barbed wire fencing wire mesh, fencing wire mesh, etc. Dip (the type of diversification).

wire mesh fenceframework

Is a very flexible assembly of products, widely used in China's road, rail, highway, etc.;
Can be made into a permanent network of walls, can be used as a temporary isolation network, just using different
Column fixation can be realized.
Product specifications:
Mesh (mm): 75x150
Mesh (mm): 1800x3000
Border (mm): 20x30x1.5
Dip net wire (mm) :0.7-0 .8
Network after the plastic wire (mm): 4.8
Column size (mm): 48x2x2200
Overall bending: 30 °
Bending length (mm): 300
Column spacing (mm): 3000
Embedded column (mm) :250-300
Embedded foundation (mm): 500x300x300 or 400 x400 x400
Product advantages:
Beautiful, durable, non-deformation, the installation of speed, is an ideal metal mesh wall, the industry has generally adopted.

Bent wire mesh fencetriangle

Product specifications triangular bent wire mesh fence
IMPREGNATION wire diameter: 5.0mm
Mesh size: 50mm X 180mm
Column size: 48 mm X 2.5mm
Mesh Size: 2.3m X 2.9m
Stiffener grid 4: 50X50mm
Product advantages:
Dip the whole treatment, anti-theft bolt connection.
The application of occasions:
Closed network of railway, living fence, field fence, network isolation zones and so on.

Bilateral wire wire mesh fence

Bilateral wire mesh fence
Product specifications:
(1). IMPREGNATION thread by: 4.5mm - 5.5mm;
(2). Mesh: 60mm x 120mm around the bilateral silk;
(3). The largest size: 2300mm x 3000mm;
(4). Column: 48mm x 2mm steel IMPREGNATION processing;
(5). Annex: rain hat card anti-theft bolt connection;
(6). Connection: card access.
Product advantages:
1. Beautiful grid structure of simple and practical;
2. Easy to transport, install relief from the constraints;
3. Especially for the mountain, slope, multi-zone adaptive highly curved;
4. Medium low price for the use of a large area.
Main Market:
Closed network of the railway network of the highway closed cell barrier fence field industrial schools of various sports

Double ring wire mesh fence

Product Specifications: double ring wire mesh fence
Mesh (mm): 75x150
Mesh (mm): 1800x3000
Dip net wire (mm) :0.7-0 .8
Network after the plastic wire (mm): 4.8
Column size (mm): 48x2x2200
Column spacing (mm): 3000
Embedded column (mm) :250-300
Embedded foundation (mm): 500x300x300 or 400 x400 x400
Product advantages:
Anti-corrosion performance, and anti-aging, beautiful, simple and quick installation.
The application of occasions:
Industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other industries fences, decorative, protective and other facilities.

wire mesh fencewavy

Product specifications
wire mesh fencewire diameter wavy Size: 3mm
Mesh size: 1.8x 30m
Mesh size: 50 x 50mm
Net column height: 1.8m
Column spacing Network: 3m
Overall Color: dark green
Inclined to support: two each with 30m
Product advantages: corrosion resistance, and anti-aging, aesthetics generous. Simple and quick installation.
The application of occasions: industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other industries fences, decorative, protective and other facilities.

Blade gill nets - wire mesh fence

Product specifications:
Blade gill nets - wire wire mesh fencenetworks: high-quality steel wire.
Blades: galvanized steel sheet.
Process: hot-dip galvanizing - stamping.
Model: BTO-22 (other models can be customized).
Gill nets, also known as blade-type scraper barbed wire, is a kind of protection developed in recent years, the isolation capability of the new protective products. It uses steel punching bag molding attached to the wire (wire reinforced) above, by the sharp pointed sheet galvanized steel or stainless steel blade to do, high-tension wire to do a combination of cored wire. Sharp knife stabbed by two button-type post-installed into a belly like a snake, it is beautiful and chilling. Played a very good deterrent effect.
Countries around the world have blades gill nets are widely used in military powerhouse, prisons, government offices, banks; living cell walls, private homes, villa's walls, doors and windows, highway, railway lines, such as barrier protection, as well as border security.
Steel mesh - steel mesh wire mesh fence
Mainly by the specifications for the 5X50, 5X5, 3X5, 5X10 steel net frame welded together.
Isolation of modern highways, residential segregation, isolation and so the factory has a wide range of applications.
wire mesh fenceIMPREGNATION:
Product specifications:
1. Material: Q 195 low-carbon cold-drawn steel wire
2. IMPREGNATION silk by :4.5 - 5mm
3. Mesh: 75mm X150mm (rectangular hole)
4. Antiseptic treatment: Dip Galvanized / hot-dip galvanizing spray painting
5. Maximum size: 2.4m X 3m
Product advantages:
1. Installation convenient and simple
2. The overall stability of high strength, and
3. Color plastic layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect,
4. Net shape and strong colors green, blue, red, yellow, white, black
Main purposes:
Widely used in highway rail landfill test site, the railway closed the highway guardrail Wai Development Zone field fence border fence municipal stadium protective fencing area.
Durable / artistic / field of vision open, protective performance.

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