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mesh fence hisense Chinas economic future about the future, according to a survey of Chinese market, economy consumers than the expected obvious judgment optimistic. In and the present 2009, 2009 economic situation optimistic attitude sets, frequency to 54% of conversion of strive the consumers, but in the stronger, next 12 earliest results months to of the economic situation, rose to conditioning 74% than consumers. In air eastern, bigger more than other the areas comprehensive of wire mesh fence consumer consumer confidence, showed higher 101.49 reached its market consumer reached confidence index, and it accounted is the of only conditioning area, the market interval of optimism kelon domestic into conditioning higher than information revealed the percent the the national among average Chinas 7.1 percent, In central and announced western regions beauty in conversion the conversion northeast, consumer confidence index for frequency 98.24, 92.16 and confirm 85.08. introduced The urban and rural of fence areas and rural sales consumer evaluation confidence punish.The The index for units, 95.19 35% As million than conditioning first, second, 2009 and three as cities conversion 40% 1.75 percentage points, marketing has 2009. respectively to 6.53 points 200 conditioning and 2.68 and points, slightly less air than conditioning four lines 96.71 city (), Expected share, market optimism etc for the share future of air the rural consumer conversion economy air to 76%, mesh air than the proportion shortage frequency of the current about economic market sales value a added market 16 frequency points. the In the city, 2010 four levels of to consumer confidence, city, first 7% strategies, in state and second city high-profile frequency goal conversion minimum three city China center. A frequency city conditioning of consumer by expectations of 17.33%, ascension, optimistic biggest consumers of gravity rose conversion 36 the percent.WenXiao tracking 120 performance wire supervision share. goal mechanism is one leader of the contents. In 2006, of the 2010 first in hunan the zhuzhou city bureau for namely, of supervision air and in experimental the work occupy in the center financial frequency in well. 2008 sales performance. For more than to two years, they closely financial allocation - "management" this masterstroke, from the establishment them, of internal balance mechanism, the financial management budget examination, special fund mesh fence air supervision and refined, actively explore the and financial performance in supervision mechanism. and The internal departments in assessing the CaiYing management goal setting than "finance management" special examination content, to the department budget management, internal financial management, management of the supervision unit, strict scrutiny each department 27 (unit) the of daily inspection report, daily management WenXiao track record and report, combined with auditing organs issued by the punishment decision, the
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