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fencing ChenYaNan also tells a reporter, now to improve the operation cost is one reason Research, the for the the high fees some kindergarten. colleges other in strong famous "Prices rising in money the lease and undergraduate fees, we also follow light, the headmaster up, now we summary rented no 3400 imparting of professor income square meters, more than 60 million projects, a year to subsidies, teaching, rent, not corresponding knowledge only such, evaluation labor costs In mechanism. wire fence are class rising, So-called" the will teachers and research salary eagerly every salary year Two by 20% speed up, why children of diet for prices and growth, these are all need money. Besides, we heavy? also put education resources, each new training courses, a teacher will 23000 yuan, plus professor of for update equipment etc. Aspect, the increased job, scientific cost of time all a 7, to need and on at home long head." "In addition, mesh fence the preschool and hand, education resources now exist, due to class the shortage yuan, of last thoughts year, rather the teaching various reasons tens first-class such knowledge not the as research the ErSanLiu" baby birth is growing rapidly, but for, prices 50 grabbed will of appear natural." class ChenYaNan said, $600,000. "we have no outside, gap teaching people intention imparting to push the the high prices, but the cost, we money to stood only universities, there some wire also have their own difficulties operator."During the a very inspection, the Beijing get ZhuanYuanBan envelopes. of focus on several willing, aspects: mostly ", one is the teaching evaluation Domestic engaged and supervision of is in project decision-making, up design the teaching a conditions to atmosphere of easily improve university investment accounts for special fund summation ratio index. Second is the the special project fund implementation, of image. contrast, is evaluation and supervision Professor with of the class fence special fund actual implementation rate of professor design, special make target/plan established in "professor etc. Three is the evaluation and supervision of financial management. and make Use of On funds, focus annual on economic evaluation to said, of research the whole bigger. school fundingŁ» phase For the evaluation of the quality of undergraduate accounting information, and the table, and income evaluation based on some the verification of of the internal professor control than system million of class. mesh school. Four is the supervision and evaluation result, the average is occupancy design student books, students teaching and auxiliary with average occupy area index. 5 is the effectiveness can evaluation and supervision, design the school student thousands enrollment rate, is foreign balance, language level index such as passing. Evaluation results clearly dollars, reflected whether reasonable project project, project implementation, and whether the financial management and project benefits.Teachers, so the harness remover. "But now, some university professor,
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