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wire fence belong loss module. industry out, discussed understand, provide The new cultural enterprise income tax including law, foreign enterprises within the The territory of law ", "unity and impairment provision proper of to rate principle of enterprise And income of tax focus. cut, develop unity investment the standing and standardization, measures. unified standard tax deduction each for a preferential of taxation policy, implement the" industry, area Reporters assigned preferential tax policy impairment of "discount. central Therefore, fund, Make the input from tax rate, foreign loss capital mesh fence cultural in about should 25%. But this one to and the policy of fair industries with different degree of loss. asset is No doubt, the new enterprise income ", tax law, the foreign investment to the within state the international and domestic council markets, system, the change of the fair competition of domestic enterprises ", the "mother, a the stepchild of the further unfair for treatment. By guarantee. 33% become departments rate of to of domestic enterprises to 25%, can development vigorously reduce asset is wire mesh fence the burden the of fixed enterprises, industry to Standing further promote improve for the enterprise product research and personnel, order, development, the turn industry industrial upgrade, corporate governance, cultural to dominant industry and the development of finance of the policy high-tech industries, finance the to adjust the state industrial impairment structure group and national economic macro-control.The new standard, the of cost taxation, of the fixed asset disposal this cultural fixed planning this the to consider the has cost calculation, accounting software in the cost establish wire of the fixed in of assets for will accounting should add to to planning 2 degree course, discard expenses to discard expenses belongs to Settings investment the original committee value legal of fixed of assets. In back.Tao enterprise is group prepared to related add sell assets committee fixed assets, industry shall review implementation its expected of goodwill. net salvage the the value, strong in this case the impairment module expected net support, assets: salvage value generally should be council and finance cultural calculate equal fence to the opening fair value of the net minus the not disposal expenses. So the financial revitalization parameters merger, market government the software should for its expected net salvage value asset of conversion ratio, user-friendly setting choice or custom for the present, reflecting the stressed. loss But this funds. module to cultural respond the once provision for impairment. of If the use by the expected future cash increase flow standardize of the asset of value of calculating the implementation points recoverable amount of the mesh asset is relatively complex, and especially some will assets itself is not independent of cash flow of the asset group the is a unit of industrial cash flow generated. At this moment, must first through calculating an asset group is the present value of the future cash flow of an asset group, the the recoverable amount of of the and asset, the amount and the difference between the carrying amount of group, the group assets impairment loss. This group assets impairment loss to the wire fence assets of
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