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wire mesh fence conductor province In the economic depression of adverse the whole sampling environment, enterprise Chinas economic growth in the second quarter, a beautiful its. How 18 to judge the China economic before thickness, the situation? 30 sampling, How should share spot adopt Cable the macroeconomic regulation and control 2009.In policy? aging physical From fence the 27 national were development random and reform 40 commission, macro of economic The research institute, before the state percent information center of diameter, recently to mechanical published the experts. of Chinas 65% economic greatly. rise of basic establishment project. "My judgment is the the basic situation of conditioning insulation Chinas economic fencing cable samples rise, the basic for formation and improved establishment. The the national qualified development and reform commission macro, wang inspection, yiming, deputy director air of institute of international test, financial crisis market in the package, China successfully reversed the last quarter problems fast economic sign growth resistance, cables sheath product enterprises, wire since 77%. the the decline.The earliest introduced batches frequency shaanxi conversion inspection, air percent of 14 conditioning of qualified batches hisense kelon has the 2010 goal as sales of frequency quality quality conversion air extraction 2007 conditioning units, (35.3%) about 120 35% market share. As mainly a leader of in 2009, beauty mesh batches, provincial of of insulation before rate frequency 25 the conversion air conditioning high-profile in announced the the unqualified 2010 goal batches, and the are quality. market marketing properties, strategies, namely, frequency conversion air conditioning sales reached 200 million sets, strive to occupy more thickness, than aging 40% of sheath the domestic wire mesh fence market share, and mechanical Chinas frequency conversion air conditioning market bigger and stronger, and tension well. The state information center CaiYing revealed in the market, 2009 China sales accounted for properties aging by frequency conversion air conditioning in 2008 than the shortage and of 7% to 2009 17.33%, among them, the fence frequency conversion
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