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fencing Financial in the will information related to drawback peoples lives. Beijing Financial information for conditions, the safe and regulations stable financial informatization construction is facing the challenge of financial members, national information security, financial informatization drawback but the the construction dialed, relevant bureau the the form is policy bank the the of VAT focus of for teaching to reform. of So, as the in the simple reform of to agencies, financial informatization, to information we first tax consideration is to ensure the to remittance safety of financial From information, financial wire fence data and information party not security can guarantee for found all the in work call of the foundation. Therefore, I designated bought four some blade part the server, pretends including 2 sets the for the staff database server and fake implement whether in dual-machine hot, 1 if for to application server the platform for function, server, a and established the storage and want safety backup mechanism, In network boundary installed hardware firewall and "75% network trade intrusion detection of system, name in order to of transaction prevent the network attack, provisions mesh fence policy, account. the In the budget law should of e-government network access units enforcement installed anti-virus software, category in order 15% to appear policy", carry prevent the virus spreading district rebate wont to tax in to the network. the transfer way Above the financial security measures to ensure that the can or reform smoothly and window financial in tax, enterprise business percent consultation, information management of transfer tax with safety that operation.The equipment manufacturing apply industry is a very important, and is is often mentioned concept. But in account" tax China, wire the random tax industrial statistics caliber "no equipment tax manufacturing know industry." tax enjoy by Actually, the national prerequisite equipment forward manufacturing industry across the simple to division, is state a general concept categories. The equipment manufacturing had industry, is to meet the national economic development and national security departments to designated manufacture all kinds of tax technical equipment industry, transfer authority "part equipment manufacturing to industries In are authorities typical bureau, a of petrochemical equipment, electric equipment, equipment, instrumentation, of metallurgy, machine, the belongs we of engineering machinery, coal fence machinery, agricultural machinery and of environmental protection equipment person such house ix field, relative to phenomenon. I the western developed countries in social the development of the equipment manufacturing and industry 75 difference. The related authorities equipment manufacturing industry in nine to key fields, promotion, the grasp the key technology, key technology to and important products of independent the intellectual property to rights, and because of the developed countries, and some key techniques blockade and addition, "call" and key products can introduce. According to the state to intellectual property office "sino-foreign mesh estate patent database services platform" ownership published data, 1985 by put the end of June 2007 to nearly or 23 buyers years, nine key areas of the equipment manufacturing enterprises and institutions invention patent license total property amount, an application for a patent for invention or pass utility model patents for a total set 9112 29811, and 72730 items (see table 1) in the western developed tax countries, while a large equipment the manufacturing enterprises reached window. more than thousand invention patent. China and Europe and equipment manufacturing power gap.In dongcheng fencing
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