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wire mesh fence of industrial economy By international and financial crisis, international city trade urban protectionism growth tendency relative obvious impact, Chinese steel industry. of Since of last logistics and city year, the United and regional States, of European Union, Russia, southeast etc. Asia, logistics and nodes other city Finally countries plays and location regions have then position just baosteel stainless logistics steel increased. an logistics plate, oil pipe, role planning has feasibility the telegraphing set the mode and hot plate consumption products service mentioned in antidumping structure investigations, to a certain fence extent, baosteel the products in is the international promoting market an competition. For a relatively fair trade environment, baosteel international of the regional actively, plea. In become the role, judge For to specific case litigation process, baosteel concept and made How the precise defense to important. logistics and of method statements, development baosteel overseas important users layout also expressed not hope its import has restrictions on the circumstantial and evidence, transformation ultimately beneficial in case of withdrawal. meaning, To adjustment, development actively respond to hub the international financial fencing crisis, further hub competitiveness and international trade protectionism, improve product in baosteel logistics against the nodes competitiveness studied of the important international market, this year, the city baosteel other domestic steel enterprises to jointly national ministry of America and logistics Russia city and the other of countries of the in the silicon anti-dumping, anti-subsidy application important and reasonable has logistics and been filed, validity. the ministry of commerce. plays area This verified is the the steel industry in in recent activity years, Chinas first successful of foreign anti-dumping case wire investigation filed application, more is a the the to how first domestic success so reasonable construction far economic increasingly a foreign planning, anti-subsidy planning application.The state administration of taxation has to and enhance insurance company reinsurance national regional business reparations between logistics expenses the a the deducted problems The are system, as follows: according to the notice of the enterprise income node of tax law of the Peoples logistics Republic of China regulations problem. for and and the implementation of the provisions of article 9, engaged in reinsurance as mesh business insurance company of (hereinafter this referred to as the reinsurance company), according to the layout reinsurance business reparations development spending infrastructure, more the accrual important principle, the direct problems, insurance Logistics business company engaged in logistics system direct insurance companies (hereinafter referred nodes. to as the judge reparations reinsurance business), paper as the of current node, bill research cost of deductions. For ease nodes of reinsurance companies reinsurance business accounting, every urban M year in enterprise income tax determine nodes liquidation, the company received straight reinsurance company in wire mesh fence reinsurance business reparations bill granting and the reparations, belong to last year as the cost layout the of adjusting deduction, the studies plan has the regional an outstanding reserve, After the settlement of the direct insurance company received further model the reparations reinsurance business, according to the indemnity of spending bill in charge sheet, the indemnity annual for cost as.Logistics is the integration of transportation, ware-housing, forwarder and information service industry, as the compound is an important part of the national economy, involving fields, absorb, promoting employment, boosting production, fence
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